May 23 2017 @ Tel Aviv


May 23, 2017


Duel Center, Tel Aviv


English and Hebrew


12 Professional Sessions

About the conference

The IsraelGives Conference is the year's largest gathering of the non-profit sector. It's an ideal opportunity to learn about innovations and challenges in the non-profit sector, meet and brainstorm with colleagues, and to gain practical skills on a range of topics. This year's conference will feature speakers from Canada, the US, UK, and Israel, and includes sessions on fundraising, marketing and branding, risks to the non-profit sector, and the potential in new technologies. Over 500 participants are expected, including non-profit professionals, foundation representatives, and government leaders. Last year's conference sold out, so book your ticket today!

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Event Schedule

08:15 - 09:00


Coffee and a light breakfast served until the conference starts promptly at 09:00.

09:00 - 09:10


Introductory remarks from IsraelGives' founder and CEO Yonatan Ben-Dor.

09:10 - 09:30

The Israel Donor Survey

In April 2017, geocartography and IsraelGives asked hundreds of Israelis what they really think about the non-profit sector: How much does their household give, and what types of organizations do they like to give to; What drives them to give, and what could make them give more; What are the mediums that they use to give, and which ways do they prefer non-profits to contact them. Here, we'll present the results of the first Israel Donor Survey, a fascinating look into the minds of Israel's donors.

09:30 - 09:40 - LIGHTNING LEARNING

Online Giving in Israel

What day of the week do Israelis like to give on most? Who donates more online - Americans or Israelis? Men or women? Here, we'll present the results of a survey of 400,000 donations made through IsraelGives to help you to better understand the people donating online to and in Israel - and when and how best to drive them to donate.

09:40 - 10:30

Shnorrim or life-savers? The image of the social sector in Israel and the complex relations between the media, the public and the non-profit organizations.

Participants: Osnat Meron-Betzalel, Head of Echo Division at Maoz; Ehud Praver, Deputy Director General Department for Governance and Social Affairs, Prime Minister's Office; Tal Alexandrovitz-Segev, CEO, Ben Horin Alexandrovitz Strategy and Communication; Efrat Shaprut, CEO, The Opportunity Fund; Einat Fishbain, Journalist.

In Israel, the social sector usually suffers from a negative image. In this panel we will try to understand what drives that image and whether the media has a role in shaping it. The participants of this Panel, journalists and representatives of the government, the business and social sectors will discuss these questions and will try to address how and whether it is possible to change the image and create an innovative and positive new image.

10:35 - 10:50 - LIGHTNING LEARNING

How the Cellphone is Revolutionizing Fundraising

If you're communicating with your supporters online, chances are that they're reading your message on their cellphones. Two new tools from IsraelGives are going to change the way you interact with your supporters' cellphones.

10:50 - 11:20

Coffee Break

Espression, Capuccino, cake, and great conversation with your colleagues.

11:20 - 11:30 - LIGHTNING LEARNING

The Psychology of Giving

Even if psychology wasn't your favorite subject in school, we're pretty sure you'd be interested to learn how this simple psychological trick, and this new technology by IsraelGives, can help increase your fundraising by 20%.


Expert Panel: The 2nd most generous country in the world wants to donate to you

Participants: Marina Glogovac, President & CEO, Canada Helps; Yossi Tanuri, Director General, Israel Office, Jewish Federations of Canada-UIA; Shawna Goodman, Chair of the Morris and Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation, one of the leading private foundations in Canada; Maxyne Finkelstein, former Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of Montreal and CEO of the Jewish Agency for Israel North America.

Canada is the world's second most generous country, and its millions of Jews and Christians are passionate supporters of Israel. But although they speak the same language as their American neighbours to the South, most Israeli non-profits don't fundraise from Canadians, leaving a key and important market opportunity. CEO Marina Glogovic is flying in from Toronto to teach you about what drives Canadians to give and how to raise funds from the Jewish community, and Canada Charity Partners will talk about how you can provide tax-deductible receipts to all of your Canadian donors, with no need to create your own "Friends of" organization.

12:20 - 12:35 - LIGHTNING LEARNING

Exclusive: Jewish Giving Day

Learn about how your organization can take part in Jewish Giving Day, the first day of global Jewish giving, and win more than $25,000 in prizes.

12:35 - 13:00

How to create a corporate partnership based on your brand value

Lecturer: Eli Cohen, Director of Partnerships at Pitchon Lev

It won't be a surprise for you to hear that Israeli companies don't give much to charity. So to recruit corporate philanthropy, smart organizations think outside the box, and make the pitch not based on altruism, but on corporate interest. In 2016, Pitchon Lev partnered up with "Nirlat", a major Israeli paint supplier, to produce a public co-branded campaign that helped strengthen the brand of both the organization and the company, while bringing new customers and new donations. Eli Cohen, director of partnerships at Pitchon Lev, will talk about how he managed to raise a substantial donation from "Nirlat", not by asking for funds, but by offering a co-branded marketing opportunity that was a win-win for both parties.

13:00 - 13:10 - LIGHTNING LEARNING

How your British donations can be worth 112% and your American donations 200%

Dena Denkberg of IsraelGives will talk about how our British partner UK Gives adds 12% on to every donation they receive for you, and how our American partner "America Gives" can help you double every donation that you receive.

13:10 - 13:45

Expert Panel: From the 3rd sector to the 4th and 5th sectors

Participants: Allan Barkat, Founder and Chairman, Dualis Social Investment Fund; Lior Shalev, entrepreneur and social investor; Irad Eichler, Chairman at Shekulo Tov Group; Ofer Flynn, VP of Esco, Israeli Center for Social Business.

Not long ago, many people who wanted to solve a social problem set-up a non-profit organization. Now, Israelis are increasingly drawn to creating social businesses (the 4th sector), and even to solve problems on their own, as individuals (the 5th sector). As new sources of capital open up for social businesses (Dualis, Israel Venture Fund), and new websites make it easy for individuals to raise funds for social initiatives (, the question must be asked: if we want to solve a social problem, should we do this by setting up a non-profit organization? And will the rise of the 4th and 5th sectors come at the expense of the 3rd?

13:45 - 14:45


The IsraelGives conference is known for its great food. Glatt Kosher meals available on request.

14:45 - 15:45

BONUS: Q&A Expert Consulting Session

Reserve your spot at this Q&A session with IsraelGives founder (and Israel's first online fundraiser) Yonatan Ben-Dor, and Marina Glogovac, CEO and President of Ask any questions that you might have about how to improve your online fundraising, or general questions that you think can be helpful (pre-registration required).

14:45 - 15:45

BONUS: Creating your Jewish Giving Day Campaign

How can you create a million dollar campaign for Jewish Giving Day? IsraelGives' expert staff and Iftah Kramer, Managing Partner at Kramer Davidovich strategy and PR, will walk you through the steps for creating a super-successful campaign for Jewish Giving Day. Among the issues we'll touch on: how to prepare a email marketing blast, how to drive your social media supporters to give, how to get press for your campaign, either free or cost-effective paid exposure, and how to create a unique online fundraising campaign using the platform that's right for you.

Our Speakers

Shawna Goodman

Chair of the Morris and Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation

Efrat Shaprut

CEO, The Opportunity Fund

Ehud Praver

Deputy Director General Department for Governance and Social Affairs, Prime Minister's Office

Einat Fishbain


Marina Glogovac

President & CEO, Canada Helps

Ofer Flynn

VP at Esco, Israeli Center for Social Business

Maxyne Finkelstein

Former Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of Montreal and CEO of the Jewish Agency for Israel North America

Tal Alexandrovitz-Segev

CEO, Ben Horin Alexandrovitz Strategy and Communication

Iftah Kramer

Managing Partner at Kramer Davidovich strategy and PR

Allan Barkat

Founder & Chairmen Dualis Social Investment Fund

Yossi Tanuri

Director General, Israel Office, Jewish Federations of Canada-UIA

Irad Eichler

Chairman at Shekulo Tov Group

Eli Cohen

Director of Partnerships at Pitchon Lev

Lior Shalev

entrepreneur and social investor

Yonatan Ben Dor

founder and CEO of Israel Gives


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